Parlour Tapes+

a contemporary classical cassette label

PT+002 various artists - *And  

_And cd v3.jpg
1. It's hard even to say it.
(alex temple and jenny olivia johnson)
2. Hello World (doug perkins and bells in london)
3. Emmy Noether, 4 Episodes
(mabel kwan, jesse langen and alexander thomas hunter)
4. The natural sunlight goes away
(kyle vegter and jenny zhang)
5. Last Exit (tim munro and samuel wagan watson)
6. SUNNY (daniel dehaan and cody rhodes)
7. Thaw (third coast percussion and ted hearne)
8. Cracking Open the Cortázar
(joann cho, jenna lyle, katherine young and mauricio pauly, ariana warren, chris warren)
9. -XED (ryan ingebritsen and todd reynolds)
10. a series of symbols that signify nothing
(alejandro acierto and matthew evans)

FORMATS: Limited Edition Cassette (500) / DL
RELEASE: December 1, 2013