Parlour Tapes+

a contemporary classical cassette label

Support Chicago artists when you give to PT+

REAL TALK—Parlour Tapes+ exists only because Chicago is home to a critical mass of creative, productive, and ambitious artists making music. Your gift to Parlour Tapes+ contributes to that culture by providing access to high quality recording services; collaborators in design, marketing, and distribution; and supporters in the making of perhaps-unusual-though-always-special performance events.

To date, our artists, staff, and studio personnel are unpaid. Venues and equipment are offered in-kind by artists and friends-of-friends. Arrangements like these are not uncommon in the Chicago contemporary music scene, where most are down for everything and hearts and kisses and rainbows. While these gifts reflect tender and generous support for our work from the composers, performers, and engineers involved, they can't last forever. Contributions to Parlour Tapes+ put us on the path toward acknowledging the time and talent of these important people with real cash.

If you like Chicago new music, give to Parlour Tapes+. If you like tapes, give to Parlour Tapes+. Above all, if you want to foster the lasting camaraderie among performers and composers for which the Chicago contemporary music scene is well known, give to Parlour Tapes+.  It's easy, we promise.


In-kind Contributors

Parlour Tapes+ already benefits from generous in-kind support from, like, a bizillion amazing and very kind artists, organizations, and friends based in Chicago:

Access Contemporary Music
eighth blackbird Performing Arts Association
Finch's Beer Co.
High Concept Laboratories
Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago
Manual Cinema
Alice Millar Chapel at Northwestern University
Izzy Olive

Individual Donors

And we feel warmed when we think of the generous cash contributions we've received from the following sweethearts: 

James Adams
Doyle Armbrust
Mary Brandt
Leslie Hankins
Deidre Huckabay
Genevieve Kirchman
Mark Price
Philomena Sucharda
Alex Temple
Russell Rollen
Graham Rosby
Joshua Rubin