Parlour Tapes+

a contemporary classical cassette label

1. Third Coast Percussion - Draping the Walls with Ice (jeff herriott)
2. Magicicada Brood XIII: All Aboard for Funtime (sam scranton)
3. Coppice - Idealized Observations of Manufactured Coincidence: Third Forced Constellation (noé cuéllar and joseph kramer)
4. Ensemble Dal Niente - Trance Formations I. Gristly Rave (andrés carrizo)
5. Chicago Composers Orchestra featuring Hecuba - Helen from Hecuba (brad balliett, doug balliett, elliot cole, majel connery)
6. Fonema Consort - Caro Cibus II (marisol jiménez)
7. Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble - so evenings die (morgan krauss)
8. Green Pasture Happiness featuring Jim Baker - The ability to make a sound? (jim baker, daniel fandiño, brian labycz, aaron zarzutzki)
9. Ensemble Pamplemousse - Tutti BLOCK (natacha diels, kiku enomoto, jessie marino, dave broome, andrew greenwald)

FORMATS: Limited edition cassette (300) / DL
RELEASE: December 10, 2015