Parlour Tapes+

a contemporary classical cassette label

*AND is a multi-city, multi-country project featuring the collaborative work of Chicago artists/teams of artists and their cohorts in other cities.  We asked them to explore what it means to be a collaborative entity and how they might make something specific to the recorded medium.

Other than that, it was basically just -- 

“ do whatever you want, guys ---- like - whatever -- - ---- we’ll record it - or you can - --- seriously --

ANYTHING you want ”

It felt nice to say.  

And the results are even nicer to hear.   

Some people traveled, some Skyped, some maxed out a Google Drive sharing recordings, and everyone blew our minds.

On the *AND cassette we release December 1 you might see a J-card with the tiniest print in the whole world, full of names like these ----- -- ------ -->>

- ------------- --- ------ - - --- --- ------>>>

(actually these are it. these are the names)