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a contemporary classical cassette label

Today. . .

. . .  is the first day of the rest of our label lives.  That's right: our water has broken, we're working the Lamaze as best we can, and this baby is coming out feet first, STOMPING & SCREAMING.

We're talking, of course, about our first ever release, CHAMBERS.   We just got the final ultrasound back this week and it's looking to be a hefty carriage:


Of course, none of this would be possible without the wonderful fathers four that helped us bring this bundle of joy into the world, the Spektral Quartet.   It's been an undeniable labor of love working with these gentlemen, from the exhausting recording sessions to the sedentary mixing sessions to the ever-present promotion.  We'll be honest, at first we thought it was only physical; they got us in the studio fast and it was all business:


But we soon learned that even after the deed had been done (SIX.  TIMES.), these guys we're committed to us, and us to them.  And even though we're out of the studio now, Spektral still knows how to show a record label a good time! Post-production, the chemistry has never been stronger.  I mean, my goodness, we're still swooning over this video of Russ:

Needless to say, it's been fun making this record.  So what better way to give the warmest of welcomes to our newborn than by throwing it a spectacular release party? If you're in Chicago, come out to the Constellation tonight for the celebration.  Tickets (which include a pretty lil' cassette tape with your purchase) can be found here.

And if you can't make the show but want to send us good vibes and help us with our breathing, spread the word today! Share our promo videos.  Tune in to WFMT at 5pm Central and listen to our interview on the radio show  Relevant Tones!

Oh.  And please buy our tape.  You've seen them stacks grow. . .

Tape Staxxx.gif

. . .  Now make them disappear.

We'll see you all once we're out of the delivery room.