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Hello World: Doug Perkins Guest Blogs

“Hello World” or my impromptu collaboration with the Westminster Abbey 

Company of Ringers

My project for *AND came out of a fit of inspiration and serendipity (as many good 

things do). When I signed on to this project, I did so out a sense of possibility more 

than a long desire to collaborate with someone specific. My strategy was to spend 

the summer being creative with friends and having something to submit by the time 

the deadline came along. I assumed that my submission would be with one of my 

close friends or regular collaborators. I definitely did not expect it to be with some 

famous bell ringers that I never met.  


I went to London in July with my wife and 5 year old son, Jacob, for some vacation 

and we inadvertently found ourselves in the middle of the birth of Prince George. 

We were staying across from Kensington Palace (where Kate and William were 

waiting for the baby), accidentally outside the hospital when they were laboring, 

and even outside of Buckingham Palace when they made the announcement of the 

birth(just driving past in a cab with stomachs bursting with too much great Indian 

food). We were just accidental participants in the frenzy (and I cant believe I am 

telling this much detail…)



This all took a fantastic turn for the musical when we were strolling back across the 

Thames the following afternoon. As we were walking, I heard an incredible sound 

and did the annoying that that music dorks do (to the initial chagrin of my family). 

Jake's pic of me at the Abbey.jpeg

We followed this sound as it reverberated through the streets until I came upon 

Westminster Abbey. They were pealing the bells in honor of the new prince and it 

was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful, chaotic, hypnotic, and wonderful. The grass 

outside of the bell tower was littered with people taking in this sound, so we joined 

them. My son engaged in trying to wrestle his mom and I got out my recorder and 

went to work capturing some audio. We eventually all laying around for an hour 

and I ended up with some great recordings of the Ringers doing their thing, mixed 

with street noises and my sons occasional comments and other interruptions. 


Once I was home, I wrote some music for me to play on some chimes, mixed it 

with some of the sounds from the Abbey and the end result is a beautiful fanfare of 

Trans-Atlantic chiming. Jacob even makes an appearance toward the end with one 

of his “woo-hoo’s making it on the tape. (I should note that he takes great pride in 

his contribution.) I guess this is my audio postcard and response to what I did on 

my summer vacation.

Jacob walking in London.jpeg