Parlour Tapes+

a contemporary classical cassette label


Remember those remixes we were talking about for the Parlour Pagananza? Well, we're sneaking you one sous la table:

And there's eight more where that came from! We're going to be gyrating INTENSELY to these jams come Saturday, and we'd like to gyrate in or around your general vicinity.  Unfortunately, we don't think we can pull a Seven Veils to get you to our little masquerade, but we can definitely throw you a discount.

SO.  Buy your tickets to the Parlour Pagananza today and they'll only cost you $20! That's right: twenty bucks for earth's enriching bounty (foodz / boozez), the summoning of nature spirits (live musicz / performance artz), and the blessing of renewal and rebirth (remixz).  And remember: you get to take those remixes home with you at the end of the night! Call it a Parlour party favor.

Offer(ing)'s good until 7pm so BUY 'EM RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

Who knows, you might even see these weirdos at our party: