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Inventions Release Party
5:00 PM17:00

Inventions Release Party

Come celebrate the upcoming album from composer Danny Clay and keyboardist Mabel Kwan in true solemn Easter fashion! Danny and Mabel will be performing a variation of their new clavichord-centric collaboration, Inventions, at Chicago's saki record store.  As she does on the album, Mabel will investigate the most microscopic of sounds from every surface of the clavichord, while Danny accompanies her with live electronic manipulation and a set of quirky homemade instruments.


So, in (maybe) typical Holy Saturday fashion (kind of), attendees will be asked to take a vow of silence† for the first half of the evening, concluding with the performance. After the concert ends and the vow is broken, all will be immediately rewarded with an EASTER TAPE HUNT™.  Special bonus cassettes provided by the Parlour Tapes+ crew will be hidden all over the store for attendees to find and get giddy about.

Suggested donation is $10.  The Inventions limited edition cassette will be available for the very special price of $5! It comes with lil' legs that you can attach to the tape case so it looks like a clavichord. ;)


Fredrick Gifford - hinge
J.S. Bach - Prelude in B Minor, BWV 923
Danny Clay - build 10


† Attendees will be provided with a stack of notecards and a writing utensil for emergency communication / socializing.

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Diligence Release Party
8:30 PM20:30

Diligence Release Party

Austin Wulliman + Katherine Young making ssssssssssses and shhhh and wifflwiffles all night long in a performance of their co-creation Diligence is to Magic as Progress is to Flight.


The result of years of close collaboration between Wulliman and Young, Diligence Is to Magic as Progress Is to Flight comprises four pieces for solo violin, one piece for solo viola, and one piece for violin and chamber orchestra. These works are presented as part of a continuously organic eight-channel installation built of recorded sound derived from these six pieces. Wulliman utilizes five different instruments—two of which have been heavily altered with clips and buzz-inducing preparations. Employing amplification to bring out small sounds, Young controls the sound world’s mix, manipulates samples, and works with a detuned electric guitar. 

Each piece offers Wulliman a different performance context, as well: some ask him to read precisely notated scores; other times he works freely with carefully selected materials; and one piece involves a video projection that seems static, but slowly begins to move, becoming a score structuring his improvisation. The centerpiece of the evening is a work for violin with large ensemble, featuring Ensemble Dal Niente.

Parlour Tapes+ will release a stereo cassette, digital download, as well as a limited edition do-it-yourself 8-channel installation in four cassettes.  Don't nobody tell Wayne Coyne.

As usual, the ticket includes a copy of the limited edition cassette.


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one two three Release Party
8:30 PM20:30

one two three Release Party

one two three is Tim Munro's debut solo album. It's a funny, terrifying, and unpredictable cassette alternately casting Munro as flutist, singer, amateur mathematician, and supervillain. Flutist in the Chicago-based Grammy-winning sextet eighth blackbird, Munro brings “fierce virtuosity" (Chicago Tribune) to this entertaining hour-long musical journey, featuring tracks by John Cage, Amy Beth Kirsten, John Fonville, Tom Johnson, Brett Dean, and Jane Rigler.

See Munro perform selections from one two three at the release show at Constellation. What to expect? An obstacle course becomes a musical instrument. A dizzying sequence of numbers is shouted at a cassette tape player. The flute is pulled to pieces, played with quirkiness, brutality and beauty.

Hand-dubbed and assembled in Chicago, the limited edition cassette tape—which includes a fold-out poster and free digital download—is included with admission to the release show. 



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8:30 PM20:30

PT+ Opens for Ensemble Pamplemousse at Constellation

On Wednesday, July 2, PT+ will deliver a cinematic opening set of live-scored short films and shadow-casting with special guest Austin Wulliman . Keep your eyes and ears open for plant imagery, cat suits, and tape recorders recording tape recorders recording tape recorders.

Featuring Austin Wulliman, Deidre Huckabay, Andrew Tham and Jenna Lyle performing the work of Katherine Young, Mark Applebaum, and other people whose names we're very rudely omitting here.

Ensemble Pamplemousse presents recent works by and for Pamplemousse. In keeping with Pamplemousse tradition, the works run the gamut of contemporary American music and its commentary- Andrew Greenwald’s hyper hippie complexity; Natacha Diels’ intently distracted focus on performance gestures; Bryan Jacobs‘ aggressive electroacoustic virtuosity; Dave Broome’s protracted elaboration of dark pop humor; and Jessie Marino’s frantic character development and devolution. Together, the five works on the program describe the broad reach of American experimental music and provide a rigorous overview of Ensemble Pamplemousse’s approach to the current contemporary music scene.

8:30pm - $12 - 18 & over - 3111 N. Western Ave.

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