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Rock Paper Scissors Release Show

  • Threshhold Acoustics 141 W Jackson Blvd #2080 Chicago, IL 60604 (map)

Celebrating the release of Ryan Ingebritsen's new album Rock Paper Scissors (PT+006), Parlour Tapes+ will be hosting a party of well-organized parametric proportions.  The evening's events will feature both listening and dancing parameters, as well as an interactive musical simulation of chance-determined outcomes by way of a simple dice game.

Attendees will be given exclusive access to Threshold Acoustics' state-of-the-art auralization chamber, where various surround sound mixes of Rock Paper Scissors will be played on shuffle (otherwise known as "Rock Paper Scissors mode").  Adjacent to said listening party will be a dancing party curated by DJ Head Worship (Andrew Tham) and special guests.

Those wishing to contribute a musical gesture of their own to the evening are encouraged to do so through the Official Rock Paper Scissors Speaking & Dancing Dice Apparatus. (Wouldn't you like to know [Winking Emoji]!)

Each attendee will receive a cassette and digital download of the album, including a foldout poster and easy-to-handle plastic carrier.  Attendees will also be entitled to various foodstuffs and beverages available throughout the evening.