Parlour Tapes+

a contemporary classical cassette label

There is a faint thunder thund-thunding in neon furry HTML

It's here, we're here, you're here, WE'RE ALL HERE.

Today is the day that Parlour Tapes+ lightly places its web presence into the silvery slurried tray of the internet. It's furry and warm and is rife with OUR FIRST RELEASE- namely, Spektral Quartet's CHAMBERS.

The edges have been gently sewn together, the big bulbous middle has been polished, we've even painted its nails, and the thing is finished. Of course you won't be able to hear every little piece of it until OCTOBER 26th, 2013 at CONSTELLATION IN CHICAGO, IL where the release event is going to trick you into thinking that you have died and that everything is made of cotton. Every $15 admission ticket comes with a limited edition cassette tape and digital download code of the album.

There is literally no reason that you shouldn't be there. 

For now you can sit down somewhere pleasant and put on Eliza Brown's String Quartet No 1 and think about what you're going to wear to the OCTOBER 26th, 2013 at CONSTELLATION IN CHICAGO, IL release party.