Parlour Tapes+

a contemporary classical cassette label

We're expecting!

It's too, too early to start to plan for the post-partum depression that will inevitably set in following the release of our first record.  More than a year in the making (incidentally, about the length of time camels, llamas, and manatees carry their calves) PT+001 is going to be beautiful and fun and intimate and yay and champagne toasts and all -- but it will also come, for us, with the mixed-up feelings of exhaustion and rigorous accountability associated with newborn babies and all other very good things.  Oh girl, it's getting misty in here!

But until that moment bears down upon us, we are busy mastering, duplicating, publicizing, packaging, assembling, and distributing the lil' brat.

CHAMBERS features Chicago's own Spektral Quartet in performances of music by Marcos Balter, Hans Thomalla, Ben Hjertmann, Liza White, and Eliza Brown.  It drops October 26 at the Constellation at 8:30 pm -- and your ticket to the release show comes with a limited edition tape with digital download.  You'll want to bring some Kleenex.